Euge Groove – House of Groove

Oct. 11, 2012

“I have a habit of naming my opening songs after something from Shakespeare. It goes back to my very first album in Y2K.” This from our resident funky reedman Euge Groove. Were you aware of that bit of trivia?? Certainly caught me by delightful surprise. So, when you listen to the smooth drive on “Knock! Knock! Who’s there?,” found on his latest release, House of Groove, think of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” which is where this album’s title is derived, as well as all of the “knock knock” jokes you’ve heard, according to the saxman.  Don’t ever say you can’t learn something from these reviews!

House of Groove is, quite simply, hopping with the Euge Groove persona and shine. There’s the polish of his gripping soprano sax (check out “Fellowship Hall”) and the power and spirit of his tenor offerings (e.g., the oh-so-soulful and beautiful ballad “God Bless You” featuring Kate Miner Moebel later in the piece, adding a nice country/gospel twist to the tune).

Groove has worked his magic on all of these original tracks (writing all and co-writing two). They were all officially Groove-approved in the studio he’s named the Groove House. For this recording, he’s invited crooner Jeffrey Osborne to “room” (we know it as “track”) 8 to lend his talents to the very catchy, feel-good, high-steppin’ “Never Met a Woman,” young singer/songwriter Chioma to room 10 to perform magnificently on “It’s Only Rain” (this young lady has some serious pipes), and, as previously mentioned, Kate Miner Moebel to perform on “Fellowship Hall,” found in room 3. In addition, guitarist/producer Paul Brown drops by room 9, “Faithful Central,” to lay some of those signature Paul Brown riffs on us, while others like Tracy Carter on keys and piano and Lenny Castro on congas appear in various rooms.

Euge Groove fans everywhere will find this latest project quite appetizing. As the saxman says, “This album will be a success to me if the intimacy I felt making this album translates to my fans who listen to and experience this music.”  Step into the House of Groove and experience that intimacy for yourself. – Ronald Jackson