Euge Groove – Still Euge

July 17, 2016

Ahh, yeah. One of the funkiest and smoothest sax giants of our modern c-jazz time, Euge Groove, is back with another in his silky yet funk-laced fabric of quality smooth jazz entitled simply Still Euge, and that he is.

The CD captures the always innovative and creative Euge again giving his all to create a project that, while it bears all of the signature nuances that are his alone, bridges the old and the new. He says, “I like songs that tend to take on a life of their own.” That much is clearly obvious as he incorporates all of the finer elements of soul, R&B, and jazz along with a touch of sassy blues.

You hear so many of the textures that Euge employs here on tracks like the trademark slick and sauntering lead track “Twelfth Night” (with that signature great horn harmony), the snappy and B3 bluesy title track featuring the iconic and illustrious guitarist Chuck Loeb, the sweet, melodic, saucy romance-magnet “Another Perfect Moment” featuring our English gentleman guitarist Peter White (hmm…I wonder if the title wasn’t a subtle reference to White’s Perfect Moment album. If so, how cool!). Hang on to your seats on this one, ladies, and behave!

Growing up in my general neck of the woods, Euge’s musical sensibilities are said to be hard-won. Growing up in a musical family playing piano and later at nine, sax. He’s listened to so many forms of music and that’s allowed him to mesh them in a unique way to personalize them and create that Euge Groove magic. Referring to his diverse range of influences, he says, “The more mature we become, the more those influences fuse into something new. Euge spends a lot of time trying to find that perfect blend, and succeeds every time.

On this album, and in addition to Loeb and White, the groovester invites the great vocalists Oleta Adams and Rahsaan Patterson, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr., keys master Philippe Saisse (on strings here), as well as guitarist Adam Hawley, Rhodes and piano man Tracy Carter, and percussionist Lenny Castro, among others. When you cooking a gourmet meal, only some of the best chefs around should be in that kitchen, right? Well. They’re here.|

The tracks here are tightly bound yet loosely and satisfyingly flowing, as is this saxman’s style. His poignant and soulful tribute to his mom and dad “And I Thank You” is truly a moment-seizer, as is “Push It Forward” featuring Hawley on guitar.

This is a pleasure to behold: A master musician rising from humility and attentive listening and with such confidence and conviction in his brand and style to become the household name he has become for just reason. Still Euge speaks volumes about the character, poise, and love of music that the saxman has. The fabric that has become him is so very thick and comfy. Another can’t miss celebration for Euge. – Ronald Jackson