Katherine Farnham — Vintage

Oct. 13, 2015

If I had but one word to describe this excellent project from internationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter/pianist/humanitarian Katherine FarnKatherine Farnham CDham (aka Kool Kat), it would be sassy. This album has attitude like you wouldn’t believe. Mind you, I mean positive attitude. It moves you, grooves you, entices you, and convinces you that this is one artist who solidly and easily distinguishes herself from the run-of-the-mill vocalists and musicians.

Melody-rich and far-reaching, the material here is meant for those who can truly take the time to sit still long enough to allow the riveting essence of it all to sink in all the way to their core.

Farnham’s vocal talents are readily recognizable, and the contributing help she employs here (renowned saxman Kirk Whalum, guitarist Denny Jiosa, and Latin flutist Nestor Torres) set this wonderful assortment of original tunes, which are overflowing with the tasteful intermingling of pop, R&B, and jazz, on a tier all to themselves.

Creating a definitive standard of quality, Farnham takes us on a dazzling and delightful musical journey to a land of cool, sexy, and suave. I fell immediately in love with the material from the very moment my ears and soul took notice.

All of the tracks are undeniably effective and becoming; so, picking my faves is really difficult, although I must include among them the short lead track “Prelude,” the lazy, funky “Chemistry,” “My Shoes Are Leaking” — a marvelously tender ballad paying tribute to our men & women in uniform as it tells of a couple separated by military deployment, “Star Reacher” — a bluesy/R&B number featuring saxman Whalum, the ever-so-sassy mover appropriately titled “Necessary Groove,” her own “My Funky Valentine,” (the spelling is correct, by the way – you want to hear this one), and…well, you get the picture. I could go on and on through the finale, a soft and sweet acoustic version of her “Mermaid” which features flutist Torres. By the way, to lend some perspective to the material, Farnham includes in the CD jacket a description or motivation behind each track. An true added bonus for listeners.

Vintage and “Kool Kat” Farnham are both synonymous with class, charm, and creativity. Yes, this is exactly the type of refreshing originality for which I have personally been pining. Served here on a silver platter, I don’t mind if I do sit and dine awhile. After a listen, I think you’ll come join me. –