Ken Navarro – Unbreakable Heart

July 26, 2015

Master guitarist, and on this project, multi-instrumentalist Ken Navarro continues to prove to be the truly prolific mastermind of melody as Ken Navarro CD2he creates some more of his signature creativity and musical beauty here on Unbreakable Heart, another project where he reaches deep within to harness more of that magic that has kept him formidable and highly regarded in this marvelous art form we call music.

With Navarro, there is a consistency on which you can rely. The consistency of creativity. There are projects where he stretches out and tries different things and heads in a slightly different direction, but it’s always just another exciting side and expression of the Ken Navarro style. What’s really cool and refreshing is the way he never ever abandons that smooth flavor he established so many years ago, as is evidenced on this silky, comfortable project that takes us on another delightful journey further into Navarroland, this time as he plays everything from all guitars to violin to cello to string quartets and quintets and beyond. From note one to the end of this album, it’s all Navarro.

Eclecticism is again the order of the day as he takes on World and intricate jazz visions with tunes like the lead track “Jaco Smiled” to the up-tempo and cheery “One Night in Mumbai” to the multi-faceted title track to that trademark dreamy and smooth Navarro acoustic guitar touch on “Juliet” to the sweet and reflective “Almost Home” among others (including a moving tribute to the late Robin Williams called “Robin Fly Away”), he again offers no disappointments.

As we know, there are certain distinct tell-tale characteristics heard on tunes by such artists as George Benson, Gerald Albright, Keiko Matsui, and Peter White. Whatever they each have developed from within, it’s priceless, and Navarro is situated very comfortably in that elite circle, no matter which direction he may decide to travel.

I have personally been a fan of his suave and innovative sound since I can remember. It’s the kind of groove you want to hear again and again because it touches a different place deep in your musical heart with each release.

Here is yet another gem that I must accommodate on that shelf of gems in my heart. – Ronald Jackson