Latin Fiesta

Welcome to our Latin Fiesta page where we highlight the extraordinary efforts of artists who present us with the full exoticism of some of the most alluring Latin jazz music sounds, so rich and vibrant and full of that sunny culture. We try to toss the spotlight mostly on flamenco music and music with a touch of that World influence. We hope you enjoy the entries here!

July 17, 2016

Ciro Hurtado — Selva

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of discovering the music of Peruvian guitarist Ciro Hurtado, an artist most capable of weaving dreams through his Latin influence and exotically colorful compositions. Here again is the guitarist with his latest, Selva, which holds up well Ciro Hurtado Selva CDagainst his previous album Ayahuasca Dreams.

Selva is a wonderfully eclectic blend of various Latin American neighbors of Peru, as well as some Cuban influences. It is, as he states, “a collection of compositions based on Latin America Folk music and instrumentation with world influences.”

There is, in fact a nod to a lot of World grooves interwoven into the Latin fabric as tracks like “Asi Eres Tu En Mi Corazon” and Corre, Salta Y Vuela” will demonstrate. The masterful and strategic use of such exotic as the charango, cajόn, zapoñas, quena, and quijada. No, don’t ask me about any of them as I too am pleasantly getting acquainted with them, and through this recording, I may just become conversant on them. Who knows?

The effect of the flute is prominently heard here though not mentioned; so, I suspect that one of the aforementioned instruments mimics it. Whatever the case, this is most riveting and caressingly beautiful and romantic music – the kind of music that makes romance the salient art form for the soul that it is.

There are simply too many wonderful tunes here to pick faves, but I will say that “Un Pacto De Amor” ranks high on my list. It, like so many of these compositions, is loaded with beautiful melody, charm, and a bit of subtle seduction.

Always a favorite genre of mine, this type of Latin music — along with Nuevo Flamenco – always hits me where I live and can transport me to any buoyant, flowery, rainbow-laced oasis I choose. Bravo to Hurtado once again for knowing which buttons to push on Latin music lovers everywhere. – Ronald Jackson