Nick Colionne – The Journey

Mar. 11, 2016

The windy caNick Colionne Journey CDt, Trippin N Rhythm’s one and only Nick Colionne, who always, always dresses to the nines (reminds one of the dress code and ethic used by the pioneers of the R&B, blues, and jazz circuit back in the day – class and cultural pride) also treats his Epiphone and Gibson guitars with the same loving care and in the meticulous fashion, as is evident on his latest project The Journey. An album not unlike the flash-and-burn albums already in his repertoire, The Journey nonetheless packs a new level of wallop.

Witness the lead and title track – tight, full-bodied, and so deep in the pocket you’d need a submarine to find its origin. Smokin’ is much too light a description for this one. This is a 5-alarm fire underway…and that’s just the lead track! You’ll undoubtedly want more — and more this cat’s got!

With Najee offering up his rock-solid sax work on “Buckle Up,” you are convinced that that’s exactly what you need to do as this ride is gonna get good and crazy funky.

In addition to the Colionne magic and guest Najee, other heavies join the guitarist such as the masterful keyboardist/producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis, young keyboardist Nicholas Cole (I wonder if this young man ever even imagined he’s be enjoying such company as is here and contributing in such a big way. Has to be mind-blowing!), and saxman Darren Rahn who’s handling some nifty mixing work here.

Back into the groove here, Colionne is as usual, all over this one. “Say What’s On Your Mind,” penned by Pieces of a Dream keys wiz James Lloyd, is a sultry and suave jazz/soul number that stays with you while “Uncle Nick,” penned by Cole, is steppin’ high and proud, making every jazzer wish he or she were somehow related to the nimble-fingered guitar master.

Like I said, this is not unlike the past energized releases from Colionne. It has all of his patented ingredients for his Chicago-born style of quality jazz. The melodies are different, and that’s what will drive you to add this one to your collection of his gems.

Yes, the “journey” continues for Nick Colionne, and his number of followers who take that journey with him continues to grow, as well and deservedly so. – Ronald Jackson