Craig Chaquico -- Fire Red Moon


Craig Chaquico – Fire Red Moon

Nov. 7, 2012

It should come as no surprise to longtime Craig Chaquico fans that the talented guitarist and former member of the legendary rock group The Jefferson Starship can kick out a mean blues jam or two, given that much of rock is based on the blues. What just may catch one by surprise is that, after years of immersing himself in smooth jazz and themes that touched on a love of nature, he returns to his blues roots with a vengeance on his latest release Fire Red Moon and definitely…takes…it… there.

From his door-busting entrance with “Lie to Me,” sporting blazing guitar licks and gritty dead-on vocals by Noah Hunt, there is no stopping Chaquico’s momentum and fiery licks. Offering originals with bite and hot covers of Muddy Waters, Albert King, and Robert Johnson gems, you are left with but one choice: Sit back and groove to this riveting brand of blues.

If you’re shopping for the type of Acoustic Highway, Follow the Sun, Across the Universe Craig Chaquico material, you may be in the wrong store here but, before you turn to leave, listen to what this guitar master can do to the blues and tell me that you’re not impressed in the least. It, of course, helps if you’re into the blues a bit – or at least open to this wonderful genre that can easily lay claim to being  the granddaddy of it all.

What Chaquico does with the blues here is no different than what he offered as a key player in 70s rock or later as a major force in smooth jazz. It’s that measure of perfection and meticulous playing that keeps him relevant.

Why this route? Chaquico offers, “The multi-platinum stadium rock period based in my musical life was as rewarding as it was fun, and part of my higher musical education. And as much as I still love instrumental smooth jazz, which for me was always blues-based anyway, I sometimes missed the edge that I could experience with blues-based rock and roll.” A good enough explanation for me. – Ronald Jackson

Note: At the time of posting, no Amazon mp3 sampler was available. As soon as one becomes available, we will post it here. In the meantime, you can sample the CD via I-Tunes.

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