The Smooth Jazz Ride -- Editor's Corner


Editor’s Corner

September 2012

No smooth jazz radio station? Don’t fret!

There has been so much chatter and hand-wringing about the demise of smooth jazz on the radio that it brings one to wonder if people realize how many other options there are to utilize to discover where concerts are, what new music is on the scene, etc.

Granted, we would all absolutely love to welcome home our old radio stations or even a new one that embraces smooth jazz with the same enthusiasm to which we were accustomed.  Those stations clued us in to what was happening each and every day and when, offered all sorts of giveaways and presented radio personalities whom we all came to know and love.  However, in this day and age of modern technology and computer savvy music lovers, we now have an abundance of internet radio stations and music websites that can easily cater to our needs almost as efficiently.

O.k., so there may not be as many giveaways, given the shoestring budgets of many of these operations, and there may not be reports on every single after-work party happening around town, nor may there be the ability to tune in on your car’s radio while you drive, but there are workarounds, as I’m sure we all know.

Because of the power of the fan, there should never be a sense of helplessness. There is always a way to get the word out about an event or an album. The jazz fan is a very resourceful personality indeed.  He or she can sniff out a concert or upcoming album with minimal yet credible information, and, with that information, can start a pipeline so vast that many shows sell out as a direct result of it. So, never ever underestimate the power and resourcefulness of a jazz fan.

Smooth jazz radio has certainly been a wonderful convenience and, without it, we jazzers would have to work just a little harder and be a little more vigilant, but to the real jazz fan, nothing ventured is truly nothing gained. – Ronald Jackson


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