Elan Trotman — Love and Sax

Feb. 12, 2011

Since Elan Trotman decided to venture away from the beautiful paradise island of Barbados where he honed many of his musical tastes and skills, the talented saxman has wowed and wooed many.  There are those who profess to know the players, the movers, and the shakers in the world of good smooth jazz. They claim they are familiar with the special and really balanced blend of jazz and R&B, but they’ve yet to experience the essence of Elan Trotman.

If albums like This Time Around didn’t catch your ear (and I honestly would think it would), his latest, an aptly titled romantic feast called Love and Sax  (due out early March) surely will! Here is a project meant for lovers reconnecting, making the connection firmer, or just getting acquainted for the first deep time. It’s meant to make that all the experience it can be. The melodies are alluring, soft, and seductive, the hooks unrelenting and memorable.

This album casts Trotman in a professional light that should have been there ages ago. This is not sax 101 stuff. With the vast majority of the material written and produced by the artist, and adding keys wiz Brian Simpson and trumpeter Cindy Bradley (boy, is Cindy in demand these days! Don’t want to say I told you so, but I saw that coming with Bloom), Trotman shows here a level of maturity that only comes with exposure, patience, determination, and that true depth of feeling and understanding what it takes.

Every track breathes here, from the intro to the title track to the classic “When I Fall in Love” to the irresistibly steamy and soulfully consuming “Rain” (the latter just paints that picture of raindrops on a window pane while you whisper why he or she is the reason why the sun still shines on your face regardless of those clouds outdoors or why the sky is still clear and starry even on a dark and stormy night).  If that’s not enough, he tries again with the title track. By now, you should have gotten the message. Still not there? Try the smoothness of “Midnight Serenade,” one of my favs, with vocals by Tony Tony.
The album’s loaded with serious melodies and very deliberate, sure-footed expressions of love.  In my opinion, it accomplishes its goal. A wonderful effort. — Ronald Jackson