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Elizabeth Mis — Forever & Ever

Apr. 21, 2010

The arrival of young people to smooth jazz as performing artists is steadily increasing and very exciting and encouraging to me.  We marveled (and still do) at the likes of saxophonists Eric Darius, Jackiem Joyner, and Jessy J.  Now we’re getting an earful from young saxophonist BK Jackson and the subject of this review, a young soprano saxophonist by the name of Elizabeth Mis (pronounced “miss”) who, like BK Jackson, may not have even cleared 20 years of age yet.  I’m lovin’ this. It speaks volumes about the appeal of this music which had been-and is still being-written off as dead by many. I believe this is the new talent, the fresh material, and the new energy about which so many artists have spoken to me, stating that they believe those are the ingredients that will determine whether the genre remains an effective force in music.

Mis’ debut release, Forever & Ever, is definitely of top-grade quality- and why shouldn’t it be?  After all, she was only discovered and produced by the prolific smooth jazz guru, Paul Brown.  That alone should tell us that the young lady brings something special to this dance.  From the slow, tender, and soulful lead and title track, this young lady’s technique is tight and polished, as though she’s been doing this for 10 years or better. Well, come to think of it, she did start playing in elementary school and, at age 12, discovered the music of Kenny G, which she describes as being the sound that “changed my life.”

There are several really tasteful and melodic pieces here, most of which she co-wrote with Brown.  One piece in particular caught me right in the heart, the beautiful “When the Time Is Right,” but it is only representative of the rest of this fine CD. There’s the cool, kinda lazily mid-tempo “Feelin’ Fine” with its sweet soprano call and nicely crafted melody.  She kicks it up a bit with the sharp and snappy “And That’s Ok.”  Really nice hook, too.  She closes the album in the same slow, sweet groove with which she started, this time with a cover of All-4-One’s mid-90s tune, “I Swear.” 

I can confidently bet that the meticulous phrasing, the melodies and hooks, and the general ambience this young talent brings won’t be lost on listeners.  Elizabeth Mis is yet another example of why smooth jazzers should strive to keep the love for the genre alive and kickin’…Forever & Ever.  -  Ronald Jackson

Sorry, there are no Amazon MP3 clips available at this time for Elizabeth Mis.  However, a few samples of this CD can be previewed on her website at www.elizabethmis.com.

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