Peter White – Here We Go

Feb. 11, 2012

Ahhh, there’s that beautiful double rainbow after a spring or summer rain; there’s the fresh smell of that first blossoming rose, the allure of a first snow in winter—and then there’s a new Peter White CD. Isn’t that what it’s all about: Satisfying experiences? And has White ever failed to satisfy? As far back as I can go (way back in the early 90s), I’ve never experienced disappointment with the guitarist.  O.k., o.k. So, there have been a couple CDs bloated with covers when I really, really wanted to hear and feel the magic of his original material…but even then, the covers were so Peter White in interpretation. So, they don’t count toward disappointing albums.  Here we go again, this time with an album called…Here We Go, a project set for release on March 13 and so very full of Peter White passion and melody as only he can render.

With help from the likes of David Sanborn, Philippe Saisse, Andrew Neu, Kirk Whalum, and Ramon Yslas, White sets out to cover his canvas of sound with a collage of diverse aural blends that do nothing if not excite one as he or she listens, wondering what other pleasantries await on the next track. As one who has made love to the acoustic guitar in ways that are simply beyond words, the tunes he’s chosen from his treasure chest of new material gets a thorough working over here. He is joined in the composition and production departments this time by producer and multi-instrumentalist DC. In fact, in addition to writing and producing, White and DC team up to play all of the instruments except bass, horns, percussions, and piano.

The press release from the Concord Music Group and Heads Up International states that “Like his previous album, Good Day (2009), Here We Go is a collection of songs written and recorded to move people on a level that’s beyond any preconceived concepts.” White adds, “When I start recording, I don’t have a vision. I just go with the moment—what feels good, what sounds good. The vision comes out of the music. The music doesn’t come out of the vision.” What a marvelous vantage point. What sounds like a played-down explanation actually sounds like the only way you can really play this kind of beautiful music.

O.k., as for my faves here, I have to go with…everything, from the opening track “Night After Night” (dedicated to Jeff Golub, by the way) to the romantic “Our Dance” featuring Kirk Whalum to the reggae-tinged “My Lucky Day” to everything else before and after that. This is truly an artist from whom the music just flows in melodic streams without pause for lengthy analysis. How very blessed and fortunate he is! Every Peter White album has a couple of  standout pieces. How about a CD simply full of such charm? As shown on Good Day and so many projects before it, White’s style remains irresistible and able to sustain itself effortlessly. I could go on forever, so motivated by this work of art am I, but suffice it to say that Here We Go is one of those CDs to which you simply must give full audience and with which you must grace your collection. Disappointment isn’t even a word here. – Ronald Jackson

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