Johannes Linstead--Mistico

As if Johannes Linstead fans didn’t already know it would happen again, the Canadian guitarist is once more igniting passion, desire, and dreams through his exotic and fiery handling of the Spanish guitar.  His latest release, Mistico, explores the many nuances of that fine, seductive instrument from the traditional to the contemporary, from the sultry to the furious - a culmination of all his years as a quality guitarist. Known equally for his beautiful melodies and for his lightning-fast guitar work, this multi-award winning composer joins with musicians from around the world, including Spain, Cuba, Greece, Iran, and Venezuela, to make this album a rare gem among the Latin guitar genre. Since its release in September, Mistico has already reached the #1 position on's World Music and Jazz/Blues charts. Again, as if Lindstead fans could expect any less.

I have followed the journeys of this master guitarist for only a few releases, but I know that I speak for thousands upon thousands across the globe when I say Linstead’s magic is unmistakable and undeniable. To spark such electricity from an acoustic instrument with such spirit and drive is a feat that defies the need for words.  Each of these tunes has a name beyond its letters, a soul all its own, brought to life by the adept fingers of one who truly knows how to work a melody into your heart. From his opening track,”The Happy Song,” with its relentlessly happy strumming to the deliciously rhythmic reggae-flavored ditty, “Rico!,” to the sweet and intoxicating “Night Dance” and “Twilight,” through the melodic and fluid title track, and on through the lively finale, “Santa Maria,” Linstead and his guitarra del fuego carry the day once again with flair, finesse, and ease.  --  Ronald Jackson

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