TSJR Photo Gallery

The Gallery is now displayed at  Enjoy, and try the slideshow feature!

Do you have a photo of you and a smooth jazz artist or group that you'd like to share? Maybe something from a festival, a cruise, a concert? We'd love to see and post them!  They don't have to be airbrushed or candidates for Vogue or Essence; just clear enough to post. We just want to show how much fun you were having at that time!  Simply upload them and send to Oh, and while we know an awful lot of artists on sight, please don't assume we know everyone. A caption identifying the event and artist is greatly appreciated! Please, no obscene, objectionable, or autographed photos.  Sorry, we must limit the number of photos from any one submitter to five (5).

Photo Gallery Disclaimer

By submitting photo(s) to The Smooth Jazz Ride (hereafter, “TSJR”), you hereby give TSJR unlimited license to use the submitted photos for entertainment, marketing, public relations, or other promotional purposes.  The act of photo submission constitutes the granting of an irrevocable and unlimited license. TSJR does not assume liability for the receipt, maintenance, or return of photos, regardless of use. TSJR does not assume liability for the effects of publication.  TSJR does not pay for photo submissions, but reserves the right to contract with photographers at will.